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I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing weekend of recitals and the great year of dance.
You have helped Jenna grow and develop as a dancer and a young lady. 
We are so proud of her accomplishments at TTP!
Have a great summer!
Michele & Chris Phillips

Miss Sheri,
I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a wonderful year the girls had at TTP this year. I feel like it was a turning point for them both and now not only do they enjoy it, but they are developing a love for dance as well.  I really noticed a difference in Layla and certainly Hannah as well and I know I owe it to the studio and the teaching staff.  We really do consider you all as family and we have grown quite fond of all the teachers.  Miss Alicia and Miss Jessica really made the girls' year this season. 
Growing up dancing from the age of two and teaching as well as I grew older, my father has sat through many recitals in his lifetime.  Every year he says to me that he can't get over the organization and the professionalism at TTP in concern to the recitals.  I too, love the organization and the fact that there is nothing you haven't thought of! LOL  From having the bobby pins and lipstick there if you should need it at recital time, to the dress rehearsals, to the well planned out costume payment schedules.  There truly is nothing I don't love about this studio!
So thank you for a wonderful year and we are really looking forward to another great year ahead.  I am grateful to have TTP in my girls' lives and hey, who knows, I may have to dust off my old dance shoes and get my toosh in there myself this Fall!
Have a wonderful summer and please know that what you do is truly appreciated by the Murphy Family!
														Kerri M.

Hi Mrs. Sheri!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how happy I was at 
parents week. My daughters dance on saturday in north providence and 
this parents week especially made me realize how lucky we are to be 
attending this studio. Believe me, this is not my first year! Wr are 
ttp cheerleaders!  But I wanted to write this email on behalf of all 
the moms in the studio that I talk to weekly about just how wonderful 
to the pointe and the staff is especially. I can not say enough about 
mrs angela miss jessica and miss karina. The comrodery and relationship 
the three of them have is extraordinary. I can feel the happiness and 
bond between them, even just by quickly glancing through the viewing 
window.  Miss jessica and miss karina are wonderful teachers; so 
dedicated to the kids and always taking the time to talk to us and 
making sure we are happy! And mrs angela! She is the best. I know that 
people say that in a joking fashion, but mrs angela is really the best. 
Since most of us regarding this letter are in fact "saturday dancers" I 
am hoping to have the option of miss jessica and miss karina next year. 
Mrs angela at the front desk would be icing on the cake.

Thank you mrs sheri, for creating a place we feel at home in. This year 
has be tremendous and I can not wait to see the recital. Mrs angela 
miss jessica and miss karina have brought new meaning to.the term 
"saints". The entire studio looks forward to seeing them every 

The saturday moms of ttp!


Dear Mrs. Sheri,

I would like to take a moment to let you know how pleased we are with you and your staff at TTP.

I’ll start with how amazed I was to see how you were able to singlehandedly control an entire classroom of 3-4 year old girls.  I know that Miss Jessica was the co-teacher, but there were plenty of days where you (and she) taught solo.  It was astonishing to see how you were able to command such respect from a large group of young girls!

Secondly, your desk staff, specifically Miss Angela.  She always took the time to answer all of my questions, whether it’d be about pricing, ordering, etc.  She was always so friendly and social toward us.

As you know, this year was my daughter’s first recital.  Therefore, we were not familiar with the process.  I quickly realized how you go above and beyond with everything you do.  You seem to take what many would see asmore aggravation, but its obvious that you do this for the benefit of your students and the parents.  (i.e. the ticket sales, seating arrangements, etc). 

Also, I was blown away by how calm, cool and collected you (and your staff) were during all thebig event days (picture day, dress rehearsal and the recital).  Your schedules, planning and timelines were flawless (from what I could see, anyway).  I loved how everything moved along nice and quickly and seemed to go off without a hitch.  So for that too, we thank you.

Lastly, we want to let you know how touched we were how, on the day of the recital nonetheless, you took the time to talk with our daughter – knowing that she had a tough time at the dress rehearsal.  Tom and I could not get over how thoughtful it was of you to check in with her, being so busy with everything else, and give her a pep talk to encourage and support her!   It meant so much to us, it was truly overwhelming!!

We hope that our daughter is able to get enrolled into Miss Alicias class on Saturday mornings in Cranston.  (Miss Alicia also took the time to introduce herself to me after the recital and told her that she did a great job, which was so nice of her!) 

So, that’s all, I just wanted to let you know how glad we are to have chosen your studio and look forward to seeing all of you again in September.

Congratulations again on the pregnancy and we wish you well during your labor and delivery!  Stay cool!  Take care.



 Mrs. Sheri,

My husband and I took Allison in to try Miss Jessica's class yesterday and Allie loved it!  I teach preschool and this is Allie's first class anywhere so I was looking for two things as a deciding factor on whether or not to enroll her. First was a connection with her teacher and two was class management. Miss Jessica exceeded my expectations and needless to say we enrolled Allie!  Allison doesn't go to many people after just meeting them and she put her arms out and went right to Miss Jessica when class was over. Also during class, she didn't really want me or my husband, she was following Miss Jessica. I am extremely happy with our decision and can not wait to see Allie's growth in your facility! About 4 years ago, a child in my class attended your Cranston location and she invited me to see one of her classes and really I enjoyed it, so it was my first choice to bring Allison to TTP!!!
Stephanie L. 


Dear Mrs. Sheri & Staff,

  Thank you for all that you do!!! Dress Rehearsal ran so smoothly yesterday! We were in and out in no time. The dances that we were able to view were awesome! I can't wait to see the actual recital! You and your staff work so hard and I truly appreciate it!!!  

With Love,



Hi Mrs. Sheri,
Many thanks for a great recital and a wonderful year.  Our girls really enjoyed their year with you, your teachers, and wonderful staff.  Many thanks to you and to all of them for making dancing such a positive and healthy experience for our family.
See you in the fall!
Lisa C.

Dear Mrs. Sheri & Staff,

I didn't have a chance to speak to you after the recital but I wanted you to know that this year's recital was awesome. Our family really enjoyed how quickly the show moved along and how entertaining it was! My father even said that this was the best show he has ever seen in his life!!!

Everything ran so smoothly and your staff, including yourself, looked so relaxed and happy.

You are great role models for my daughter! Thanks for a great dance school experience. We will definitely see you in September!!



Dear Mrs. Sheri,

The costumes this year were unbelievable! Each one was more beautiful than the next. I can't believe that our children get to experience being a part of such a wonderful dance studio.

We love you guys!

Elizabeth & the girls



 To All the Staff,

Thank You so much for making our experience absolutely wonderful! You have all  been so kind & helpful to us and we truly appreciate it!

We loved the recital & look forward to seeing you all soon!

Darla & Joe


 Hello Sheri,

Kudos to you and your amazing instructors! Emma danced in the 6PM show on December 4.

I applaud the professionalism and positive culture you have created! Essentially, this is Emma's first year (aside from when she was very very little), and I am so very impressed with her dedication and effort! She loves to dance and seems to truly like and respect her teachers!

Thank you!

Karyn R.



Ms. Sheri,

After Saturday's meeting, I was so impressed by all the work & preparation you all do for recital season. I've seen the shows & know that it doesn't happen by accident. But I wanted to thank you and let you know that your efforts are so appreciated. :)

All the best,
Jessica A.


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