Ages 18months-3 years


Ages 18mths- 3years

Tuition Rates:

A 30 minute class

$49.00 per month

Mommy or Daddy may participate with their dancer until they are ready to be on their own.

Dress Code:

Comfortable clothing or dance wear (optional)

Barefoot, in socks, or Ballet shoes

Parent may not wear shoes in class


A 30 minute class that is a great beginning for these budding ballerinas!

Mommy or Daddy may participate and aid in the transition to their child's independence.

This class is fun, imaginative, and exciting.

The children will work on taking turns, following direction, memorizing skills, and learn to meet expectations.

It is a wonderful preparation for Pre-school or Pre-K.

Classes being Offered: (choose one)

Wednesdays 9:30-10am w/Mrs Alicia

Saturdays 9-9:30am w/ Mrs Liz

Registration begins on July 20th

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