Our tuition rate is listed on our site on the schedules pages or you may call the studio or send us an email.

Tuition is based on how many classes you take (HOURS PER WEEK).

Tuition is an annual fee broken down into 10 monthly payments,(September through and including June), regardless of how many weeks are in any given month, YOUR TUITION RATE IS ALWAYS THE SAME.

"TUITION" is the fee you pay for services rendered. (ie: Dance classes that you or your child attends or may attend)

We offer multiple class discounts and discounts for siblings/family members.

Our rates are very reasonable, in most cases, lower than our competitors.

We feel that a quality, professional dance education should be provided at a reasonable rate.

Tuition is non-refundable if you miss classes voluntarily. If you miss a class, you are welcome to make it up at any time throughout this school year.

Classes that we DO NOT CANCEL are not refundable once you have paid for them. Tuition is a month to month commitment. Tuition must be paid a month in advance. You are expected to participate in the classes that you have paid for within the current month. Therefore, If you miss any classes or choose to drop or quit any classes, they are non-refundable or transferable. We will not credit your TTP account if you choose to drop classes or not attend your classes. Regardless if you have paid in advance for upcoming months, tuition is non-refundable if a dancer decides to quit at any point in time.

Classes that are cancelled due to bad weather and un-foreseen circumstances are welcome to be made up at any time throughout this school year.

All Financial obligations and balances must be PAID IN FULL in order to perform in any upcoming performances or to re-enroll for the next season. If balances are not paid in full, then a dancer is not allowed to perform in shows and/or enroll again in the future.

Virtual classes are subject to the same tuition rate as in-person classes. If at any point, we need to go virtual, tuition will not be refundable or transferable within a given month. Once tuition is paid for, it is not refundable or transferable


Our costumes are of very good quality but not outrageous in price. We try to find the most reasonable costumes that are filled with detail and style.We only choose age appropriate costumes that are flattering on everyone.

We do offer individual fundraising, which is optional, but if you so choose, you may participate in it. You receive back 40% of what you sell and it comes right off of your own already reasonable costume balance.

Your costumes come with everything including tights.

Please call us or email us with any tuition/pricing questions, we will be happy to give you a price quote in a timeline fashion.

Due to the length of time that it takes to receive costumes in time for Picture day, Cut-off date for participating in the recital for any given year is Feb. 15th.

Costume deposit are taken starting in October. $25 per dancer per month will be collected by the 7th of each month.

In December, we will show you pictures of the costumes that we will be ordering for you or your dancer, at which time you may decide to participate or not to participate in the recital. If you decide not to participate, then we will refund your $75 deposit.

Once you have signed the recital agreement stating that you do want to participate in our recital and you would like us to order costumes for you, we will show you your balance, minus the $75 deposit, any fundraising efforts, or other payments you may have made.

The final balance will be due in two installments. The first due by Jan. 7th and the final payment due by Feb. 7th.

Any balances not paid by Feb. 7th will result in a $25 late fee.

You are bound by the agreement that you have signed and if you decide not to participate in the recital after you have signed the agreement, you are still responsible to finish paying off your balance and we will call you when your costumes are ready to come home in May.


* All returned checks are subject to a $25.00 return check fee

*Registration Fees and paid tuition are Non-Refundable

* Once costumes have been ordered, the balance must be paid in full by Feb.7th and are non-refundable.

*Tuition is due in by the 7th of every month and if it is received late, there will be a $15.00 late fee assessed.

*Classes missed due to illness, personal reasons, or inclement weather, may be made up at anytime throughout the current school year.

*Classes missed due to holidays DO NOT need to be made up.

*Tuition is based on an annual fee that has been divided into 10 monthly payments for your convenience so regardless of how many weeks within any given month the tuition is due before the 7th of each month starting in September and including June.

*Annual Trophies are given out in a consecutive order. The achievement is based on the amount of years you dance in a row. Dancers who take time off from dance class for any given amount of time and who do not participate in that year's recital will start back at year 1 when they return.

* Trophies will be handed out to students at the end of their final recital. If a dancer is performing in more than one show, the trophy will be given to out at the final show that they perform in.

*Dancers should be in dress code while in class

*Dancers are asked to be respectful of their teacher, themselves and other students while in class by attending weekly arriving on time, and working their hardest at all times.


*Tuition is non-refundable and due regardless of how many classes a student has missed or will miss.

*Refunds for missed classes will not be given out.

*If you have paid for a month then you must fulfill that month of classes. If you miss any amount of classes within that month, there will be no refund for those missed classes.

*Refunds will be given only if a class has been cancelled indefinitely by the studio and is no longer considered a running class.

*Refunds will be given out if there is a doctor's note proving a medical reason for withdrawal.

*There are no refunds for dance wear purchases. All merchandise may be exchanged for dance wear, services, or placed as a credit towards your TTP account.

*50% Refunds for summer enrollment are given out by the cancellation due date: see current brochure for the current date for this season.

*Virtual classes are subject to the same tuition rate as in-person classes. If at any point, we need to go virtual, tuition will not be refundable or transferable within a given month. Once tuition is paid for, it is not refundable or transferable