2017 Performance Trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida

2019 Performance Trip on Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas Cruise Ship


Welcome to TTP!

Upon entering one of our To The Pointe Dance Studio locations, you will be greeted by our friendly staff. Receptionists, Teachers, & Teacher trainees are all there to help! Whether it be in regards to answering your questions or helping you with a dance wear purchase, they are ready to make your dance studio experience a positive one.

We pride ourselves in maintaining new, clean, and updated studios and reception areas. It is our goal to help everyone feel comfortable in our surroundings and to feel like they are a part of the To The Pointe dance family. 

We aim to be organized and communicative throughout everything we do at TTP.  We want everyone to enjoy what we have to offer. Therefore, we do our best to keep our rates as low as possible and offer an easy tuition and costume payment plan. 








Each of our locations provides a clean and spacious reception area for parents to sit, read, watch a TTP recital DVD, watch a movie, or enjoy watching their child's dance class through ONE-WAY Glass windows. This state of the art glass provides the opportunity for parents to see their children do what they love and not distract their child while in class.

Each of our reception areas are also home to a dance wear boutique, offering a wide variety of leotards, tights, shoes, dance bags, leg warmers, and dance sweaters.







Our dancers practice in a professional and fun atmosphere. All of our teachers have completed our comprehensive -3 year- Teacher Training Program before they are on their own, teaching their own classes.

Since you cannot become a member of any respectable National Dance Organization until you have been teaching for 3 years independently, our seasoned teachers are proud members of Dance Educators of America and uphold a conscious awareness of integrity, good sportsmanship, knowledge and implementation of proper technique and respect for fellow teachers and other dance studios.

We focus on positive reinforcement, confidence building, and carefully planned curricula to avoid injuries and to insure correct technique execution and progression.

A specific dress code is key to promote focus and proper placement and execution of the techniques that they are learning in class.

It also helps greatly that all of our dancers wear the proper shoes and all the same to ensure uniformity at our stage performances.





There is a misconception that non-competitive dancers must not be "GOOD" dancers.

Although our dancers do not compete in competitions, they are extremely dedicated and motivated to be the best they can be! All dancers are pushed to be their best and are moved to the level that is best for them at any point throughout a season. Our advanced dancers attend classes multiple times per week and work on proper placement/execution/timing in all styles of dance. They continue to cultivate their abilities to execute leaps, turns, and advanced Tap Techniques.

Teen dancers have the opportunity to audition to perform solos, duets, or trios in our annual June & August Recitals. 

Our dancers enjoy preparing for our performances held in December, June, & August, as well as travel performances in Disney & on cruise ships!

Everyone is a member of our "company" and has the same opportunities as anyone else to push themselves without having to attend competitions which can be quite costly & time consuming.

We pride ourselves in teaching a full curriculum in all styles of dance where dancers learn technique at the Barre, Center, & Across the floor, as well as study for terminology and theory tests in their Ballet & Tap classes.









We are known for our spectacular performances. All of which are held at Bishop McVinney Audtorium in Providence R.I.. Each performance that we create includes quality costumes that are chosen by our Director, Age appropriate and family friendly choreography, and impeccable lighting design. Attention to detail, Prop fabrication, and Creative Concepts make for a phenomenal show.

From Broadway to Hip Hop, our shows provide a well-rounded and entertaining dance experience for all to enjoy!

Our December Showcase which includes our version of the March of the Wooden Soldier Dance, encompasses a wide variety of dance styles to wonderful ~in the spirit of the season~ Holiday Music. Dancers ages 7 & up perform in the Holiday Showcases at TTP.

Our Annual Spring Recitals, held in June, encompass the culmination of a year of learning for all of our dancers. Each class will learn their choreography little by little starting in January so that each dancer is well-prepared and confident when performing on stage.

Serious dancers whom wish to continue dancing and progressing choose to participate in our Summer Intensive which allows our dancers to continue to push themselves throughout the Summer and perform in our Summer Intensive Showcase held in August.







Students at To The Pointe become a part of a dance family. Spending time in class together and at special events such as performing in Walt Disney World and on Cruise Ship Performances, which make for some fun memories and experiences. Lifelong friendships are made in a positive atmosphere and can be fondly looked back upon as they grow into their adulthood. 

Performances such as these along with our annual show, provide our dances with a great sense of pride, confidence, and positive self-concept. Performing is a wonderful growth opportunity in many ways. These experiences also include Workshops and Conventions with help our students learn and grow from other teachers in the dance world.