It is very important to us to take a positive role in the plight to CRUSH COVID.

Our dancers health and well-being are of the outmost importance to us.

We have set forth new protocol and expectations for our staff, students, and parents. 

Together, we can crush COVID and hopefully get our lives back to normal sooner rather than later.

One thing we know for sure, COVID is not going to take dancing away from us!!!

and here's how we are gonna do it.......

1. Upon arrival, all staff will have their temp taken and fill out a COVID wellness form

2. All Staff must clean the studio, dance rooms, etc upon arrival.

3. Students may not arrive any earlier than 5 minutes before their class.

4. Students must try to refrain from carpooling to the studio.

5. Students must wait until their teacher comes out to greet them before they leave their vehicle.

6. Crowding on the sidewalk is not allowed. Students and parents must maintain a 6 foot distance between them and other dancers while standing outside before or after class.

7. Student's temperatures will be taken upon entry. Any student with a temperature 100.4 or higher will be asked to not participate in class for this week and to access their health at home along with their doctor.

8. Parents must fill out a COVID wellness form for each day their child is dancing. This form must be filled out on the dance of dance class. It may be completed in person or online at least 1 hour before class on the day of dance class.

9. Dancers only may enter the studio, one at a time.

10. Dancer's hands will be sprayed with anti-bacterial spray.

11. Dancers will have a specifically assigned number for their class. That number identifies their cubby, space in the center, and placement at the Barre where applicable.

12. Dancers must wear their masks upon arrival and throughout class time.

13. Dancers will be able to take a water break numerous times throughout the class at which time their masks will be removed for that moment while they are 14 feet apart from one another.

14. Dancers will always remain 6 feet apart and will only be allowed to take off their masks if there is enough room to maintain 14 feet in distance from one another.

15. All classes will be "stable PODS" consisting of a maximum of 15 participants, including the teacher and assistant. 

16. Attendance will be taken for all classes. All students will have provided their name, address, phones, emails, and other contact information in order to comply with contact tracing guidelines.

17. Dancers who believe that they have come in contact with COVID-19 outside of the studio must get COVID-19 testing done and must remain absent from classes for a period of 14 days. During this time, they may attend classes virtually via ZOOM.

18. Parents must notify us of any COVID-19 exposure within their families or with our TTP students outside of the studio.

19. We are aware that TTP dancers are friendly and maintain friendships outside of the studio, we ask that our dancers limit their exposure to more than 4-5 friends. Keeping their circle of friends down to 4-5 people allows for them to lower their exposure and lower the possibility of contracting our spreading COVID-19.

20. The studios will be cleaned and sanitized through the day as well as before we open and at the end of the day.

21. The Lobby will be "CLOSED" for the time being while classes are in session.

22. Parents may watch their child take class remotely via ZOOM-See your child' teacher for login information

23. Parents may come in to purchase dance wear (1 parent at a time).

24. We will host Dance wear purchase sign ups for parents to be able to come in at a specific time to get their child sized and to purchase dance wear and dance shoes.

25. Dancers may attend class in person or virtually, allowing for students to have the opportunity to learn in the environment that they feel most comfortable learning in .

We would like to thank everyone for all of their help and participation in making TTP a safe and controlled environment. Your acknowledgement of our protocol and willful participation and ability to be mindful at all times, will help us to do our part to CRUSH COVID-19.