In -Studio learning will entail our COVID guidelines that can be found here:

We will do our best to insure that our students will have the opportunity to continue their

Dance technique progression in an environment that is clean, safe, and healthy.

We have worked very hard to take many measures that include increased cleaning, facial protection, protective barriers in our studios, health screenings upon arrival, contact tracing, curriculum changes to adhere to mask wearing, and distance learning structure within our dance rooms.

With performance opportunities unsure for this year, we are looking forward to a year where we can focus on fine tuning our technical skills in all areas and in all styles of dance, as well as, extending our curriculum to encompass a wide range of new steps, more conditioning and stretching, advanced step exploration, dancer expression, and placement corrections.

Having this opportunity to focus in other areas allows our students to continue to grow and progress. We will be prepared for whatever comes our way and look forward to the opportunities that we are given.

~Mrs Sheri & Staff